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Aardonyx — A digital agency

Business and Personal Website Design

Need a website built? Want an app developed? Our team of designers and programmers will create the perfect website for your needs.

True design customization

Yes, of course, our sites are optimized for mobile—that’s a given. But we don’t stop there. Unlike many other agencies, we can design beyond templates to deliver websites that stand out in design, and can be expanded into whatever functionality you need.

Our designs are sophisticated, modern, and clean, and will capture the sophistication and integrity of your brand.
Our ability to customize also allows us to meet any specific requirements from your industry or state.

No Limits

We are software developers at heart. We love helping you invent and add new functionality to help your site do more than display information, and to

facilitate engagement with your clients.
Whether that’s through custom widgets and plugins, or whether we’re programming features right into your website’s code. From advanced forms, integrations with external APIs, to user accounts and customer dashboards, we can make your website do almost anything.

Future Friendly

Our websites are made to last because we provide a solid code foundation. As your company grows, your website will be able to grow and scale with you, and accommodate your needs to handle additional functionality. In addition, our maintenance and support plans are unparalleled–we keep your site up to date, and offer you

unlimited hands-on assistance.

They work

We work with the same modern technologies that are used to build advanced web tools like Facebook or AirBnb. Because of this, we are able to optimize for speed and performance. Google favors sites that perform better and faster, with clean code that is well written. Your users, too, will thank you for having a site that is fast and, well, simply works. Your forms will submit, your payments will be processed, and your site will keep running no matter how users visit it.

Audience research

We spend time analyzing your current business and industry, through interviews, surveys, and research of historical website data for you and your competitors. In addition, through heat maps and user monitoring, we are able to evaluate how your users are using your website, and make design adjustments accordingly. We develop a content strategy based on what your audience is looking for.

We help others find what they need

We perform keyword research and make recommendations for editing your content so that your website is search engine optimized for your target audience.

We can help you integrate your site with a CRM
such as Klaviyo or HubSpot, so that once you capture your audience, you can stay in touch until you make that sale.


Our websites start at $3,000.

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