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Aardonyx offsets 100% of our company’s energy use through donations to projects dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.Cool Effect Terra Pass

Our Values

However, as a company, we also acknowledge that “buying offsets” is not the same to committing to a sustainable future. In addition, we take additional action in line with/in support of our values

  • Lower Emissions

    Functioning 100% remotely. We have been remote since 2016 and, unlike many other remote companies, do not have in-person retreats or gatherings that require travel.

  • Reduce Costs

    We conduct all client business remotely as well, and have since 2016.

  • Reduce Electricity

    Use of low energy light bulbs in our office, as well as providing low energy bulbs to employees.

  • Energy Savers

    Providing our employees with energy-approved monitors.

  • Awareness

    Making our employees aware of the company’s position on climate change and our initiatives.

5 Year Goals

Aardonyx additionally has long term goals related to sustainability.

  • Incentives

    Incentives/matching for employees who choose to offset their individual impact.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

    Reduction in monthly maintenance costs for clients able to document their business organizations minimization of carbon footprint.

10 Year Goals

Aardonyx’s sustainability plans extends to decades into the future.

  • Off Grid

    Use 100% renewable energy to power our main office.

  • Employee Incentives

    Provide partial reimbursements and/or other incentives to our employees for installation of renewable energy sources.

Value Proposition

What this means for you as a client

  • Increased Productivity

    Unless you are local to us we will ask that you limit our need to fly for in-person meetings to any situations that are truly necessary.

  • Accountability

    We reserve our right to reject projects based on the determination that your company, service, or product is negatively impacting forward progress with global sustainability.

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