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Site Audits & Improvements

Already have a website, but wish it worked better? We can help.

Site audits

Want your website to be better, but you aren’t sure what you need or where to start.

We will do a full investigation of your site—anything from design, to integrations, to performance and security—and give you a report on any found issues, as well as our recommendations for solutions.
Unlike other agencies, our recommendations are based in your specific functional and financial goals, and we will give you honest, transparent opinions about what we think needs to be prioritized.

Improve security

Is your data vulnerable? Have you woken up and found that your website has been hacked?

Do you keep getting phishing or spam emails?
We have investigated and solved many problems like this, whether they are due to needing an SSL certificate or updating outdated plugins or needing CAPTCHA solutions on your forms. Keeping your customer’s data secure is an essential priority for any business owner.

ADA compliance

Making sure your website can be used by all people is important–not only is it the right thing to do, but it also maximizes your potential reach to customers. It also gives you an SEO boost. We will edit your website and code to meet (and surpass) WCAG guidelines.

Allow unlimited visitors

Having more customers should be exciting, not an added hassle when your website goes down from all the sudden traffic. Fortunately, if your website is crashing when you have too many visitors, we can help. We can investigate your current tech infrastructure, such as hosting plans, and implement solutions such as automatically scaling servers and resources.

Outdated plugins

Sometimes a CMS or other software will lock you out of updates if you have fallen too far behind, or if your plugins have conflicting code—your site will start to suffer from performance lags and security issues, if not ceasing to work entirely.

We see this quite frequently with WordPress websites.
We will help you analyze the best way to get your website running, and what your options may be for updating.


Our website audits start at $2,000

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