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3 Reasons a Shopify Developer is Worth the Cost
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3 Reasons a Shopify Developer is Worth the Cost

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that includes everything you need to create an online store and sell online.

Amber Lough
Amber Lough

Amber is a technical writer and author at Adxsoftware. She has an MFA in writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

3 Reasons a Shopify Developer is Worth the Cost

If you’re in the merchant business, you might require various tools to manage your products, inventory, payments, and shipping. As anyone who’s managed a store can tell you, this takes up valuable time and resources, especially if you have to compile the data from separate sources.

Shopify makes this process seamless and reliable, integrating all the business tools you might need. It saves time, money, and increases your reputation with customers. 

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing online marketplace platforms, and for good reason. It allows merchants to build and customize an online store and sell from multiple locations—including online, in person, pop-ups, brick-and-mortar, and social media. And because it’s cloud-based and cloud-hosted, it’s easy to access from anywhere in the world.

But if Shopify is supposed to save you money, why would you need to hire a developer for the storefront?

Sure, Shopify provides templates that anyone can slap together to create a decent, working online store, but most businesses want more than “decent.” They want their sites to be more than be a product landing page and an order form.

This is what a Shopify developer will do for you:

Reason # 1: Match your Branding

Templates are only templates—they aren’t as flexible or capable as personalized designs, and they might not cater to your target market.

Shopify developers can create personalized, unique sites that match your branding. They can design and develop your site so that it does exactly what your business needs it to do, ensuring it not only looks amazing, but works reliably, too, encouraging your customers to return again and again.

Reason # 2: Migrating your Site

If your business already has an online store, and you wish to keep your data and files from this older website, a developer can migrate all of this into the newly designed site, saving you an incredible amount of time and work. 

Migrating data is tricky, but experienced developers know how to do this without compromising security. They can re-size images, merge old data with the new, and ensure that the content of your old website isn’t lost or forgotten. 

This also helps maintain your SEO rankings, which is vital to your business’ visibility.

Reason #3: Managing Plug-Ins and Apps

Shopify has thousands of apps, and they seem to increase every day. Apps such as MailChimp, Shopify Translate, & Adapt, and Product Reviews can be challenging to fit into a site, and a developer will work with you to discover which ones best fit your business. They’ll also ensure that they’re coded in properly and match your branding.

Just remember, when looking for a Shopify developer, don’t forget to compare costs and portfolios. As with all contractors, experience and costs vary, and sometimes lower costs = lower quality.

Bottom Line: A robust site created by a professional developer will work harder and more efficiently than one with broken links, inconsistent branding, and a challenging user experience. 

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