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Systems Integrations

Improve efficiency by connecting your software. Have your applications talk to each other so that your data is synced between them.

Save time and frustration

Many applications don’t automatically talk to each other, meaning your data is separated between each app, and you or your team must spend hours manually re-entering or exporting redundant information. We can integrate your software.

A single source of truth

When your software isn’t integrated, there’s more room for error—every time you make a change, you have to remember to change that information in all the other applications with that data point.

If you don’t remember to do so, you will end up with conflicting data, and no way to know which version is correct.
We will help establish which data sources will serve as the source of truth, and derive all of your other data from there.

All of the APIs, even your own

Tools like Zapier are great if you are using popular apps, and only need to move data in one direction. However, if you need two-way data integration, or something more complicated, that’s where agencies like Aardonyx come in–we can make built-in API solutions that can move data wherever it needs to go. We can even write your own APIs, if you have your own database of information that needs to get used elsewhere.

Get the bigger picture of your customers

Combining data from different sources, such as, for example, customer data from a CRM with some of your own internal sales data, gives you a more complete picture of that customer. Having the data all in one place means that you can use more variables for analysis to find correlations and trends that can inform your business decisions.


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