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We value accumulation of data, science, and truth. Also, cats.

We believe broad interests and a greater understanding of the world fosters creativity and empathy—which is necessary for original ideas.

We are curious people.

We are software experts, of course. However, we believe true expertise comes from having broader interests. Our wide array of experiences helps us better understand you and your audience, and gives us a foundation for innovative solutions.

From novelists, to Broadway singers, to Air Force veterans and antique pen restorers—there is no other web team like ours.

Our team

What Makes Us Different

  • We can build any functionality you need.

    We are true programmers. All of our developers work directly with code and we can make your website do whatever you need it to do, from simple forms, to API integrations, to built-from-scratch internal software that has functionality specific to your business, we go beyond templates and plugins.

  • Your website will be built for you.

    Unlike other agencies, who simply “customize” templates with your branding, we can design from the ground up—from information architecture, to UX wireframes, to UI and aesthetics. You get unlimited revisions on every step.

  • You can share all of your ideas.

    We actively seek your feedback on milestones, and you have access to a staging site where you can review progress at any time. No one knows your needs better than you do; we want to work with you to build something that you love.

  • You will get real opinions.

    We share our thoughts with you. Our blunt honesty won’t work for everyone, but we believe that open discussion of ideas leads to the best solutions.

We like cats,
dinosaurs, and puns.

You never know when those will come in handy.

  • You can make changes.

    Your business needs to evolve to survive. Our boutique size means that you won’t have to jump through bureaucratic hoops or figure out who to contact when you need adjustments to your website.

  • Real support from real people.

    Our on-going support and maintenance plans are unparalleled. We offer one-on-one help for using your site, immediate action for urgent bugs, and patience, kindness, and occasional humor.

  • We believe in making a difference.

    Of course, websites should be ADA compliant, responsive, and performant on all devices—accessible to everyone. In addition, we prioritize projects that support causes we can be fully invested in, intellectually and morally. Check out our equal employment policy and sustainability policy.

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