We design & develop customized websites & web applications. We translate ideas into powerful, functional code. We solve your problems by building software that you, your employees, or your customers can interact with on the internet.

Who We Are

We are a husband (Zach) and wife (Amanda) web design & development team based out of the beautiful, mountainous, bear-filled Asheville, North Carolina. We are very friendly!

Amanda and Zach standing amongst trees of Asheville woods.

We have three cats (depicted in their dinosaur suits at the tops of these very web pages) and no dinosaurs. Yet.

What Makes Us Different

  • Your project will be unique, and beautiful.

    Challenges: they are fun. That means we don’t churn out the same website over and over again. We are always excited to investigate new technologies to make your product current. We like innovating in everything from your website’s transition animations to the way your software’s database is structured. Every project is different, and we like looking for the best solutions, even if we’ve never gone that route before.

  • We want to hear and learn about you.

    We are generalists. See above. We like learning. About everything. This means we will be excited to learn about your company and your industry, not just excited to build your software. Reaching more nuanced levels of understanding ultimately results in a better, more tailored product for you.

  • You will get real opinions.

    We share our thoughts and opinions with you. If we think something isn’t a good idea, we will tell you. This blunt honesty won’t work for everyone, but we believe that open communication and discussion of ideas is constructive. It ultimately leads to the best products and thus to your success.

  • You can share all of your ideas.

    We don’t just express our own opinions, we want you to do so too. We want to hear and consider all of your thoughts and ideas. No one knows your needs better than you do; it’s often our clients who work out the best pathways to solutions.

  • You get to work with the whole team.

    There are only two of us! This means you will work closely with only one or two people. This intimacy allows us to know you and your business’ needs very well, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions, understand, and give feedback. We form long-lasting relationships with our clients, and often serve as their on-going web technology partner.

  • You can make changes.

    Your needs, budgets, and ideas might develop even while we are actively building your project. Because we are small, we don’t have a lot of hierarchies or hoops to jump through, so change is okay and even expected.

  • Mmm, transparency.

    Communication is the fastest way to a successful product. We don’t hide anything from you, and encourage and answer all questions. Our pricing is transparent as well: we charge either a project rate based on estimated hours, or bill hourly. Simple as that.

  • We like cats, dinosaurs, and puns.

    You never know when those will come in handy.

Tech Stack

The kinds of technologies we choose for your project are extremely situational: we'd rather use the tools that fit your project best than apply some one-size-fits-all approach. If you're curious, though, here are some common tools we use for web development.

Server Infrastructure

For a web application, odds are good we'd start with Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is a great range for flexibility and scalability on AWS and we've had really great experience working with them. We do enjoy saving money on infrastructure though and it's possible you might not need a whole server for your project; we would love to work with you on low-cost or free solutions to application hosting.

For many websites we take an approach to development that will yield simple static files. This can be a great boon to site speed and server costs as the server has to expend very little effort aside from simply serving these files to clients.

Server-Side Programming

Our de facto language of choice for server-side programming is JavaScript with Node.js. With Node.js, we can work with the same language on the server and browser, which can make for very streamlined web application development. We've also worked with Ruby, Python, Java, and C#, and numerous different web frameworks for each (e.g. Rails). We like REST APIs.

We can work with all kinds of databases but generally we like SQL or document-oriented DBs (e.g. PostgreSQL and MongoDB).

Web Sites & Applications

On the browser side of our web sites & applications, we've been liking React, though we're also familiar with lots of other systems. Should you have something already in place that you want to expand: we've worked with front ends for Rails, ASP.NET, Django, and miscellaneous PHP applications like WordPress, as well as myriad front end systems such as AngularJS, Backbone.js, and templating libraries like Handlebars & Mustache.

We like to make web sites & applications that load fast, perform well, look good on all your devices, share well on social media, and are accessible for all users.

Whether we generate static HTML & CSS and serve those basic files directly to your users or build a more dynamic site, we make sure that your content is readable for search engines and other website parsers.



We specialize in building 1) custom websites and 2) web apps & software for businesses.


A website is the face of your business. It is often a client's first impression of your company, and is sometimes the only information a client will use to decide between you and your competitors.

Our websites will make you & your company shine. Do you want your clients to see you as modern and professional? Sleek yet playful? We will help your company stand out (in a good way) while capturing the essence of your company’s personality.

All of our websites are responsive. They may be used on any size device, from phones to the largest desktop screens. They can even have completely different layouts at various screen sizes to maximize user friendliness. If you’re on a computer, go ahead and grab the edge of the browser window and make it wider and narrower. See how this website still looks good?

If your website needs more functionality than simply presentation of information (e.g. user accounts, e-commerce, a etc), you might want to read about web applications below.

Web Applications & Software

What is a web application?

To put it simply, a web application is a website that does stuff.

It has functionality beyond just sharing information with the public. It allows you, your employees, or your users some interactive purpose. Essentially, it's software that runs on the internet instead of on your computer.

Having web software custom built for your business can automate (and speed up) internal processes, or allow your customers to interact with your company. Web software can also be your whole business—perhaps you have an online store, or maybe an idea for an innovative application.

You access a web application by using any web browser, including the one on your phone, while connected to the internet.

For example, if you access your email in your browser, you are using a web application. Many of your phone apps also have ways to use them from within the browser-- these are all web applications. E-commerce, word processors, to-do lists, report management, accounting software—all of these may be web applications.

If you aren’t sure exactly how to proceed or what you might need—that’s okay! We love solving problems and are happy to help figure out potential solutions.

Why a Web Application instead of Desktop Software?

  • 1. A web application may be used from any device with an internet-connected browser.

    All of our websites are responsive, which means they work on computers, phones and tablets. This makes it easy for you, or for anyone with authorization, to access your application whenever you might need it. Example: employees could capture and report data from the field or a remote job site.

  • 2. Fast, real-time changes.

    All of your users will have synchronous access to updated data as it changes, even if the change comes from a different user on the other side of the world.

  • 3. Users don’t need to download anything or manage updates.

    Likely, your application will need to change—companies grow and develop, and thus what you need might develop too. With traditional software, it can be hard to make sure all of your users get software updates. With a web application, your users won’t have to download anything or install updates. All they have to do is refresh their browser window to see the changes.

Data Integration

Does your business use a variety of applications to manage different aspects of your data? You might feel frustrated because these applications are not connected to each other: if you change information in one system, it doesn’t affect the data in another system, and there is no way to make comparisons or use the data in one system in another. We can fix that!

For example, you might want to automatically connect the users from one system to your contact managing and marketing systems such as Salesforce (etc), rather than having to manually import them. You might want to have users collected through your store connected to your MailChimp or newsletter service. Or, you might want to have the data from your payment process automatically be integrated with Quickbooks. Or you might want to automatically have the data from one system be processed by your graphics/analytics software.

Having multiple, disconnected systems can result in confusion, redundancy, and a lot of extra work. It can also result in lost opportunities as you can not maximally use information you’ve gathered in one place to inform your actions in another.

We can help your applications talk to each other and make it so they are manipulating the same data source.

Contact Us

Sometimes talking to a real person can be helpful, whether you’ve just started thinking, or you’ve already got everything decided and you’re ready to begin the process. We’re happy to discuss your project or answer any questions in a casual, initial conversation. Phone, email, or in person (if local) are all options.

Call at 828.571.0799, email at hello@adxsoftware.com. Or send us a message with this handy button:

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